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Do not be slave to your own emotions. Instead, master them. Become their Master, learn the language of your emotions, raise your vibration and take control!

Get Emotional Mastery Program Now and take full control over your life!

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Emotional Mastery:

Chapter 1: Mastering The Energy of Your Emotions

In this chapter we learn what are emotions, what is the difference between emotion and a feeling, how to become more aware of your emotions, how to create space between the emotion, yourself and your response to the emotion and how to deal with each emotion in a healthy and productive way.

Chapter 2: The Language of Emotions

In this chapter we learn the full language of emotions, we explain the 4 primary groups of emotions and the purpose each group of emotion has, you will see why there is no such thing as negative and positive emotions, we dissect all of the 24 main emotions we feel daily and the 4 primary emotions at their center, we tell what each emotion’s secret message is, the 3 questions you need to ask for each emotion to unlock the message it tries to tell you about you and your life, we learn the complete language of your emotions and how to use them as a personal compass to greatness.

Chapter 3: Raising The Levels of Your Vibration

In this chapter we show how emotions are related to your vibration and health, we reveal the 12 levels of emotions and the 3 states of consciousness, we show you how to release stuck energy from your nervous system and how to clean the energy levels so you can raise the levels of your consciousness, we. tell you exactly what trauma is, why we are all traumatized to a certain degree, how to overcome your traumas, how to have a healthy emotional hygiene, we raise the levels of your vibration and show you how to use breathing as a tool for emotional regulation at any moment in your life.

Extra Chapter: How to Overcome Anxiety, OCD and Panic Attacks

In this chapter Danny Highfeel shares his personal experience how he overcame his anxiety, OCD and panic attacks by himself without any pills in just few weeks, from not being able to get out from his home alone to being able to travel the world and meet new people.

What The Program Includes:

1. FULL PROGRAM: Step by Step Video Guide to Emotional Mastery

More than 5 hours of Video with instructions guiding you from being a slave to your emotions to liberating yourself and achieving full Emotional Mastery.

2. Emotional Dictionary Ebook and Video

The complete book of Emotional Mastery and The Emotional Dictionary, a necessary tool for understanding each of the 24 primary emotions you feel daily.

3. One on One Coaching personally with Danny Highfeel

Schedule a call personally with me and we will dive deep into your psyche find the unresolved emotions and relieve you from your past.

4. Powerful Guided Meditation to help you Release Stuck Emotions from Your Being

Guided meditation that helps you go through the process of diving into each of the 8 emotions that keep your vibration low, and releasing them from your being.

What are The Aims of This Program:

First we aim to teach you the Skill of Emotional Mastery.

Second we aim to personally coach and Transform your Mindset for Greatness.

Third we aim to give you 24 hour Support and live feedback customized specially for you.

Fourth we aim to improve the quality of your life and get the full Value out of Emotional Mastery.

What You Will Get Inside This Program:

– Master Your Emotions;
– Learn The Language of Emotions;
– Know How to Always Do The Right Thing;
– Uncover The Secret Message That EACH Emotion is Trying to Tell You;
– Improve Your Default Overall Mood;
– Rise from Self Victimhood to Self Empowerment and Even Self Transcendence;
– Learn The 12 Levels of Emotions and 3 States of Consciousness;
– Increase The Quality of Your Life from Average 5 on a Scale 1 to 10, to at least 9;
– Get Lifetime Access to Life Coach Code Academy and Premium Content;
– Get in a Secret Facebook Group Specially Designed for Emotional Mastery;
– Get BONUS Life Coach Code Pocket Coach App pre Release;
– Get BONUS Ebook Emotional Dictionary
– 1on1 Life Coaching Call with Danny, The Creator of Emotional Mastery, Personally;
– Customized Meditation for Releasing Stuck Emotional Energy and Inner Trauma;


Is The Program Safe:

The program is completely safe, regulated to a tempo of learning that’s comfortable for each person.

Along the program Danny and other professional coaches are following your work and offering you constant support and guidance.

There cannot be negative consequences from doing The Emotional Mastery work, none of our clients had anything but positive impact in their life.

There is 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results you get from the program.

So get inside now and see why all of our clients say that this is the best program they ever bought!

Get Emotional Mastery!


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