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I have good news and bad news for you.

You have been ignoring what your emotions were SCREAMING to you all your life.

You have missed living through your full potential, didn’t go far with most of your personal growth, missed most opportunities and chances that would have made your life more beautiful than your wildest imagination.

You were at the mercy of your emotions. They controlled most of your behavior, your mood, and they still do. They even shape the reality you live in.

You feel sad, everything suddenly becomes sad. You feel happy, everything becomes happy. You are angry, you think everything sucks. You are afraid and suddenly your whole reality is filled with fear.

You are not in control, your emotions are!

Yeah, those are the bad news.

When your emotions are in control you might end up in places you don’t want to be, with people you don’t want to be with, and even hurt the ones you truly love because an emotion, like anger for example, might make you react in ways you will regret.

You react on the energy behind the emotion.

You do not really LISTEN to what the emotion says.


That’s why you are not where you want to be in life, still!

Not being in control of your emotions is dangerous. You might make wrong decisions, hurt loved ones, even hurt yourself.

You are a blind and deaf person driving a human vehicle!

I will be honest with you buddy, I was like everyone else, I thought… well I didn’t even think much. An emotion comes, I react. That’s how I lived.

I was driven by them. I was not in control.

They shaped my reality.

They determined my choices.

They were my master.

Still, to this day I sometimes react on my emotions. But FAR LESS than I used to.

I am completely in control of my emotions, my reality, my decisions and the way I feel!

How and why did I change?

It’s because I realized 3 CRUCIAL facts about Emotions!

1. Emotion means energy in motion. It’s the label we put on this movement of energy that determines its meaning.

2. Each emotion has within a powerful and valid message. To learn and speak the language of emotions means to start understanding your heart and listen to the primordial wisdom of your soul.

3. We are all traumatized. We all, collectively, suck at good emotional hygiene, we have stuck energy pockets within our being that shape our reality, sabotage our happiness, and make us suffer unnecessarily.

As I learned The FULL language of Emotions I understand each emotion now. I do not fear, I do not resist, I do not escape them.

I do not let their energy drive me.

I use EVERY emotion now to discover more of myself, to get a direction of my purpose, to grow and thrive!

And whenever they arise, whatever emotion comes, I embrace it FULLY and I understand its message.

It gives me powerful information that shows me the right direction.

It shows me what’s best for me and my soul’s growth every single time!

Not understanding your emotions is being deaf to your own soul, it’s missing out on your greatest potential, not living your greatest life, it’s not understanding the language that SCREAMS to you all the right directions and all the right things, all the freaking time every single day.

This part of you keeps telling you what you need to do, where you need to go, with who and how, in order to become the best version of yourself!

But you do not understand this language!

You might speak 100 languages, but you have no clue about the most important language that anyone can ever learn.

The good news are that you can learn the language of Emotions.

We have created the most groundbreaking program yet, Emotional Mastery!

We dissected each of the 28 emotions we feel daily and uncovered what each emotion is really trying to tell you.

For example, anger tells you that someone or something is stepping on your boundaries. Fear tells you the direction where you will find most growth and transformation. Love tells you… well, we will tell everything inside the program why bother you here.

We created simple techniques you can use to rise above your emotions and use them to become your best friend, your personal guide to becoming the best version of yourself.

Do not be slave to your own emotions. Instead, master them. Become their Master!

If you want to:
– Master Your Emotions;
– Learn The Language of Emotions;
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Are You Really The Hero of The Story?

There is a battle going on in the world right now. It’s the oldest battle in history. Actually, it’s the only battle that ever existed.

Every story about light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, every hero that ever existed, every villain, every legend… it all comes out of this battle.

And you are part of it. The main part!

This battle is not out there, it’s within you, me, everyone you know and care about.

We are all participants, each of us with their own battle ground, fighting the same monsters in different ways.

Stories, movies, characters are inspired out of it, wars out there are its reflection.

But here is the tricky part. There are no enemies in this battle. No sides. No good guys vs. bad guys.

Just countless different aspects thinking they are the right ones, countless different pieces of you trying to become the whole not realizing that ALL of them together constitute the WHOLE.

This battle is still active because it cannot be won, that’s why it’s the oldest battle.

If one aspect wins, all aspects lose. If one part conquers, the whole is defeated.

That’s why this battle is the trickiest battle that ever existed, and why we all need to become aware of it.

If we keep fighting this battle, it will go on for eternity and we will stay locked in this vicious loop.

New evil comes, it harms the good, heroes arise and defeat the villains, the good is restored until new evil comes, and it all keeps looping.

It’s a wheel that creates heroes but also inspires villains.

It’s a wheel that protects the good but creates a threat.

It’s a wheel that separates us in sides, parts and dualities just so there will be friction that continues this drama.

And all heroes are villains in someone’s eyes, that’s the trick.

That’s why we need to stop fighting each other and start dealing with the real battle that has been going on behind the curtain, for millennia.

The enemy is not outside. It’s not inside either.

There is no enemy.

Face the things inside that tell you otherwise, they orchestrate this battle.

How Do We Win The Battle?

You are the key. There is no winning without you!

The secret of stopping this battle lies in all of us and it’s simpler than you might imagine.

The movies tell us that the greatest battles are BIG, loud and destructive. But this is the opposite.

This one is small, silent and constructive.

How do we all win this battle? Individually.
You mean alone? No, together.
But how do we fight? We don’t.

We surrender.

That’s the only way to win an unwinnable battle, the only way to transcend that vicious loop, the only way to defeat a phantom…

Stop fighting!

Change the narrative. Stop playing by the rules that these limited perceptions within you are creating.

Rise above the parts, the sides, the battle ground, and look at the bigger picture.

What you’ve been fighting, all this time, it’s yourself.

The first one who surrenders in the battle between you and your ego wins.

Neither one of the aspects within us is more or less valid than the other.

Surrendering means that you take a step back, see that they are all part of you, and instead of choosing sides finding a way to unite them.

It means facing your own emotions, past traumas, facing your own darkness.

It means looking at your fears, shames, things you feel guilty about straight in their eyes and embracing them.

Forgiving yourself about your regrets. Stop telling lies, stop chasing illusions.

It’s about facing grief and letting go. It’s about moving forward, growing up, taking care of the kid within you.

It’s about facing your Shadow Self, the part of you that is trying to sabotage you, and hearing it out. Finding compassion, kindness and love for that part.

It’s about working on yourself, accepting yourself, freeing yourself from your own mental slavery.

It’s about finding balance, unleashing energy pockets, and becoming the best version of yourself.

It’s about becoming the change you want to see. Winning your own battle. Transcending your loop.

When you raise your own vibration you raise the vibration of the whole world.

How To Transcend?

What I said till now probably makes sense to you. But it’s all just information.

There are no practical steps, or an in depth strategy of how to win your battle, how to face your emotions, how to release your traumas and heal your wounds.

That’s actually what we do here.

There is a deeper level. It’s for people who want to take responsibility for their actions, for their personal inner battle and get the help they need to transcend their vicious loop.

It’s the level where the real transformational work happens.

Yes, you can read articles all day, every day. But what do they really change for you? Nothing.

Yes, some of them are really insightful, some of them can inspire you, give you positive energy for throughout your day, even change a perspective.

But at the end of the day you are still there, with yourself, and your battle field.

All the information in the world is pointless if you do not take action.

That’s the real filter between real transformation and just good ideas for entertainment.


We believe that every person has a responsibility to deal with their own battle, THEIR OWN TRAUMAS AND SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS.

If all of us surrender individually, there will be no monsters that we project outside, no enemies to fight.

If we unite all our aspects within, only then we can see a world where we are all united.

But it start’s with you!

It always does!

That’s why the work we are doing here is focused on you!

That’s why the amount of energy we have invested in this program is MASSIVE, it’s years and years of personal experience and research, that’s why we take it so seriously.

Because it’s the most important work in the world that anyone can do.

It’s actually dealing with the greatest battle that has ever been held, within the minds and hearts in each of us.

So if you are ready to take responsibility, if you are ready to transcend your battle ground and feel real peace for the first time in your life, if you are ready to become the best version of yourself, than we invite you to join The Emotional Mastery Program and TRANSFORM!